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Welcome to the website of VDZ Trading

Cattle Slaughter lineWe sell used and new slaughter lines and slaughtering equipment.

Via the menu on the left you can navigate through our assortment of used cattle, pig, poultry and sheep slaughter lines.

Furthermore we sell a variety of used slaughter equipment and used meat processing equipement. These machines range from meat grinders, mincers and slicers to huge Tarzan dehairing machines.

Whether you are looking for a single machine, or wish to build a complete slaughterhouse, we can help you build your abattoir from start to finish!

For more information, contact us via this form. You can also get a look at where we are located in the world! Try it at "Google Maps".

In 2016 we will be implementing a new website, which will allow for more regular updates. This means that the site will offer more up-to-date information of our current equipment. We will also include an option to sign up for our new newsletter so we can keep you informed on our latest equipment and projects.

In November 2012 Roel van der Zanden won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in Sint-Oedenrode. With projects all over the world, from Iraq to Surinam, the development of new equipment for more animal friendly Halal slaughtering and our unique way of working with local partners, the jury of the award decided that Roel as general director of VDZ Trading deserved the title Entrepreneur of the Year Sint-Oedenrode 2012.

VDZ Trading BV.
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