Slaughter Lines

We always have several full slaughter lines available. These are usually still installed in the factory and can be visited on appointment, so you can see the equipment as it was installed. Below is a selection of some of our available lines. Feel free to contact us if the line you're looking for is not listed here, we always have more available and can always find something that suits your needs. 

P17021 - Cattle, sheep and pig slaughter line

Just in: a beautiful slaughter line for cattle, sheep or even pigs. It has never been used, but still installed in the factory, so it is in excellent, as new, condition. Most of the machines like the platforms are furnished in high quality stainless steel.

It is a combined line, which can handle up to 15 cattle, 70 pigs or 70 sheep per hour.


  •  Separate dirty line for cattle and sheep with:
    - Stunning box and lift conveyor for sheep
    - Stunning box, hoist, and dehiding machine for cattle
    - Pre-dehiding/leg cutting platform and dehiding platform for cattle and sheep
  • Separate dirty line for pigs with:
    - Stunning box
    - Reception table
    - Whip washer
    - Scalding tank
    - Dehairing machine
    - Polisher
  • Combined clean line with:
    - Dressing conveyor
    - Red organ conveyor
    - Platforms with wash basins and sterilizers
  • Much more, ask us for the full list of equipment.

P16001 - Cattle line for 10 cattle per hour

A very nice low to medium capacity slaughter line for 10 cattle per hour, manufactured by V-Cons.

Includes lairage fences, cattle stunning box, dehider with fixed platforms, movable platforms, splitting saw etc.  The whole line is furnished with modern bi-rail. Includes cold store rails (also bi-rail).

Chicken feet processing line

Processing line for chicken hocks. Includes the following:
- scalder
- peeling line
- chiller
- conveyor belt


049 - Stork poultry evisceration line

Automatic evisceration line for chicken. Manufactured by Stork - the world's leading brand for poultry slaughtering equipment - this evisceration line has a capacity of up to 4000 birds per hour.

Includes the following machines:
- Opener/vent cutter
- Eviscerator
- Neck cracker
- Cropper
- Final control / lung sucker

The line is already dismantled and ready to view in our warehouse.



056 - Pig line for 80 pigs per hour


Techmet brand slaughter line with turn-o-matic style scalding system.

Additional description:

Full slaughter line, manufactured by Techmet, for up to 80 pigs per hour. Includes the following: 

  • Stunning box with built-in stunning system
  • Lift conveyor onto bleeding line
  • Bleeding rail
  • Scalding tank
  • Dehairing machine
  • Gambrelling table
  • Lift conveyor
  • Dressing conveyor
  • Whip washer


SOLD - PL0080 Brand new MPS pig slaughter line


Never-used, brand new condition

Additional description:

This is a unique opportunity for purchasing a brand new MPS pig slaughter line for a budget price. The line was never installed or used, and a lot of the equipment is still in the box. 

Tarzan dehairing machines, whip washer and polisher, the complete conveyor system, stunning box platforms etc. etc. In short, the complete slaughter line is there. All MPS equipment, ready to be loaded in container. 

If you would like to receive more information, or wish to inspect the equipment for yourself, please don't hesitate to contact us.