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Slaughter lines

VDZ Trading BV is specialised in delivering slaughtering equipment and railing systems for cooling rooms, but we have a lot of experience in planning, building and commissioning complete abattoirs as listed below. Lots of the items outside of our speciality are regularly in stock as we also purchase complete factories with everything included.

Below is a description of what processes can be situated in a slaughterhouse. VDZ Trading BV can deliver all these processes in Used as well as New equipment (Produced at VDZ Trading BV facilities). Next to delivering the equipment necessary for these processes we can also provide training for your production and maintenance staff. (HACCP training possible)

We always start developing a project at the heart of a slaughterhouse, the slaughter line. After determining the required size and the customers wishes regarding end products we develop a tailor made project for each client. Please read the list below to get a good idea of which processes are included and what they comprise. When you would like to receive an offer for your project, small or large, please fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

A slaughter house can consist of the following sections:

  • Stables
  • Slaughter line
    • Dirty section
    • Clean section
  • Cooling rooms
  • Deboning
  • Processing
  • Packing
  • Expedition

This is the area where the animals are kept before slaughtering. Good planning of this area enables you to keep animals from different suppliers, areas and/or quality levels separated and should make it very easy to lead the animals to the slaughter line.

Slaughter line, Dirty section:
This area starts where the animal is restrained or hung for slaughtering, after this the animal will be stunned or ritually slaughtered. Following the cutting of the animal it is given time to bleed on the line and what comes then depends on the animal. Poultry is scalded and plucked, pigs can be scalded and dehaired or dehided while cattle, sheep and other hoofed animals are usually dehided. After plucking, dehairing or dehiding the dirty section ends.

Slaughter line, Clean section:
The clean section starts immediately after the dirty section. The carcass is now clean and should be treated as food product from this point onward. In the clean section of the slaughter line final evisceration takes place. Here all internal organs are removed from the carcass. Larger animals are split and at the end of the line the animal including all organs are inspected by a veterinarian.

Cooling rooms:
The carcasses are moved into the cooling rooms while still hanging on railing systems. All meat is cooled down to a core temperature of maximum 2 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the meat can go through any of the following steps or even straight to expedition.

This area consists of tables and cutting systems to divide the carcasses into the pieces which are well known in the consumer and wholesale business like ribs, loins, steaks, wings, legs etc. Equipment in these rooms are usually long tables, with or without conveyor belt, knives, saws etc.

Deboned meat can be processed here into value added products like sausages, hamburgers, meatballs etc. Equipment used in these areas are meat grinders, cutters, vacuum fillers, formers, cooking/smoking cabinets, slicers etc.

In the packing department all goods can be packed for transportation. Deboned or processed products can be (vacuum) packed in wholesale packages or consumer packages and can be loaded onto the trucks fresh or frozen.

Here all goods converge for transportation. Whole, half or quartered carcasses can be loaded in trucks at the expedition immediately. Deboned and processed meat is packed before transportation and can be loaded in trucks on pallets or even be sold in a factory outlet store.

You can find more information about our available used Cattle lines here, Poultry lines here, Sheep lines here and our Pig lines here. Please contact us for all questions regarding slaughter houses, slaughter lines and your project. We will provide you with everything necessary to make your slaughter house a success!

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